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Dubai Ruler’s Daughter Used Car, Dinghy, Rode Jet Ski In Failed Escape


Sheikha Latifa, little girl of Dubai’s ruler, plotted with a dear companion to get away from her dad’s grasp.

LONDON: Three years back, in confined corners of a rambling shopping center in Dubai, Sheikha Latifa, the little girl of the emirate’s ruler, plotted with dear companion Tiina Jauhiainen to get away from her dad’s grasp. Their possible arrangement resembled a plot from a film: Latifa camouflaged her appearance as the pair fled Dubai via vehicle to the coast, took a dinghy and rode stream skis to a holding up vessel which was to take the princess and her ally to opportunity. In any case, it fizzled.

They were caught off the shoreline of India after an activity by exceptional powers and reclaimed to Dubai. “The last time (I saw her), she was dismissing and shouting and she was hauled from the pontoon. Her supplications for refuge were overlooked,” Jauhiainen told Reuters in a meeting in London in late January.

In a judgment distributed on Thursday, a British appointed authority decided that Dubai’s ruler Sheik Mohammed canister Rashid al-Maktoum had stole Latifa – similarly as he had her senior sister Shamsa from England just about two decades sooner – and exposed her to brutal treatment.

Jauhiainen gave an observer explanation as a major aspect of the case and quickly showed up in court in London to affirm it was valid. “In making a general evaluation of the proof identifying with Latifa, I respect the proof of Tiina Jauhiainen as being of solitary significance,” the appointed authority, Andrew McFarlane, said in his decision, which depicted her as an “entirely great person.”

The health specialist initially met Latifa in late 2010 when she began giving her exercises in capoeira, a military craftsmanship, around five times each week. They turned out to be dear companions however she said Latifa was tranquil and private. It was a very long time before Latifa trusted in her, noteworthy she had attempted to get away from Dubai in 2002 when she was a young person and that she had in this way burned through three-and-a-half years in jail.

Reuters was not capable autonomously to affirm Jauhiainen’s adaptation of occasions, which she has related to media previously. “It was uniquely around 2016 when she began educating me concerning her sister Shamsa and her getaway and her own detainment,” said Jauhiainen, a Finnish national. “I think she was extremely frightened She could have been detained once more.”


In the mid year of 2017, Latifa, who revealed to Jauhiainen that she had not been permitted to leave Dubai since 2000 and had no identification, approached Jauhiainen for help in attempting to leave her country once more.

Latifa had perused the book “Break from Dubai” by previous French maritime official and spy Herve Jaubert a few years prior and needed to get in touch with him. Jauhiainen went to the Philippines to meet Jaubert and them three started plotting the departure.

For the two ladies, that implied furtive conversations in the marvelous Dubai Mall, one of the world’s biggest strip malls. “We would discover a corner, we would turn off our cell phones. So we were playing it safe,” said Jauhiainen, including that Latifa would consistently change her email address to keep away from recognition.

“It was somewhat unnerving so we didn’t need anybody to catch the discussions or tail us or anything like that.” Jaubert disclosed to Reuters that he arranged the departure with Latifa and in this manner asked Jauhiainen to meet him in the Philippines on six or seven events to prepare her. Following a half year, they were prepared to place their arrangement vigorously.

On Feb 24, 2018, Latifa was dropped off by her driver at a bistro in downtown Dubai where she and Jauhiainen had been meeting routinely for breakfast. Inside, she went to the restroom to put on something else, dumped her cell phone and the pair set off on a six-hour drive from Dubai through Oman to its seaside capital Muscat.

“I didn’t rest for two evenings before the day of the departure,” Jauhiainen said. “Latifa was sitting alongside me in the front seat – she had never sat in the passenger seat of a vehicle, she was energized, cheerful.”

At Muscat, they met a companion of Jauhiainen, got in a dinghy, sticking to the sides in stormy conditions, to arrive at universal waters where they got onto stream skis and boarded the US-hailed vessel Nostromo.


They were setting out toward Goa where Latifa planned to travel on to the United States to look for refuge. Be that as it may, on March 4 they were captured by commando units from India and the United Arab Emirates, Jauhiainen said. “We had Indian coastguard vessels encompassing us, there were helicopters, planes, the entire pontoon was loaded up with smoke,” she said.

“Latifa was seized kicking and shouting and all of us were abducted too and taken to UAE.”

Jaubert said he captained the vessel and saw the strike. He said Latifa was removed the vessel by an Emirati official.

He included that he was beaten for 45 minutes, however didn’t determine by whom. Reuters couldn’t autonomously affirm his record. Raveesh Kumar, outside service representative, didn’t react to a solicitation for input on India’s supposed job in the activity.

In Dubai, she said she was undermined, held in isolation and investigated. She didn’t indicate where or by whom.

“I was told I had betrayed the leader of Dubai by helping (his) little girl escape,” she said.

Two weeks before the endeavored escape, Latifa made a 45-minute video recording in Jauhiainen’s condo which she went to supporters outside Dubai in the event that she neglected to escape.

That video, where Latifa propelled an abrading assault on her dad, was made open after it went to UK-based battle bunch Detained in Dubai and was posted on YouTube.

Three weeks in the wake of being reclaimed to Dubai, Jauhiainen was discharged and left.

In spite of having lived in Dubai for a long time, the individuals who realized her never again remain in contact, Jauhiainen said. Jauhiainen said that most guests to Dubai lived in an air pocket of sun, ocean and shopping centers, and didn’t have the foggiest idea about reality with regards to the nation. “On the off chance that the little girls of rulers get bolted up for simply needing to be free, shouldn’t something be said about the remainder of the individuals there?”


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