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How Greg Chappell's Challenge Helped MS Dhoni Turn Into A Great Finisher | Cricket News

Chappell, whereas talking on a web-based chat with the PlayWrite Foundation, recalled Dhoni’s devastating 183 off 145 deliveries in opposition to Sri Lanka in 2005 – which stays his highest ever rating in One-day Internationals – after which spoke a few dialog he had with him then.

“I remember having a conversation with him. We had a home series against Sri Lanka,” Chappell mentioned. “Dhoni obtained a 180 in a single recreation. He completely took them aside. He hit a number of boundaries and he hit a number of sixes.

“The next game was in Pune, and I remember having a conversation with him about his overall ability and I felt that if he just went through his career trying to hit boundaries and sixes, he may not achieve what he should achieve in cricket,” Chappell mentioned.

“Now we talked about the fact that if he could learn to hit the ball along the ground as well…even though he was good at hitting boundaries, it was still a high-risk way of playing. If he could take some of that risk out of it, he could become one of the best finishers in world cricket,” he added.

“I remember that game in Pune, we didn’t have many to chase and when he came in, we had 80 or 100 runs to get,” the previous India coach mentioned.

“So, I threw him a challenge to see if he could get all of his runs along the ground. I said ‘We should win, but I want you to go out there and make sure we win it’,” Chappell mentioned.

“You’re not allowed to hit the ball in the air until we’ve won the game,” he mentioned. “Somehow, you have to discover the fun in being one of the best finisher fairly than probably the greatest hitters of boundaries and possibly be remembered for some thrilling innings, since you might grow to be one of the best finisher the sport has ever seen.

“Luckily, he took the challenge, although I remember RP Singh was the 12th man, and mid-way through his innings, he came to me and said MS wants to know if he can hit the ball in the air now,” Chappell recalled.

“We still needed about 20 runs to win, so I said to RP ‘you go back and tell him, he can hit the ball in the air when we have won the game’.”

Needless to say, Dhoni saved his endurance, however in his trademark model, completed the sport off with a six.

“We got towards the end of the game and we needed four to win, and he hit the biggest six straight down the ground and he ran off waving his bat in the air and he ran past me and asked ‘is that alright coach?'”

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