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Indian-origin scientist identifies 4 potential medicine to deal with COVID-19

WASHINGTON: An Indian-origin researcher within the US and his group have recognized 4 antiviral medicine — together with remdesivir that was initially developed to deal with Ebola — which can be efficient in inhibiting the replication of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Kamlendra Singh, an affiliate professor on the University of Missouri within the US, and his colleagues used computer-aided drug design to look at the effectiveness of remdesivir, 5-fluorouracil, ribavirin and favipiravir in treating COVID-19.

The research, printed within the journal Pathogens, discovered that each one 4 medicine have been efficient in inhibiting, or blocking, the coronavirus’ RNA proteins from making genomic copies of the novel coronavirus.

“As researchers, we have an obligation to search for possible treatments given that so many people are dying from this virus,” Singh mentioned.

“These antiviral drugs, if they turn out to be effective, all have some limitations. But in the midst of a global pandemic, they are worth taking a deeper look at because based on our research, we have reason to believe that all of these drugs could potentially be effective in treating COVID-19,” he mentioned.

The researchers famous that SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19, like all viruses, can mutate and develop resistance to antiviral medicine.

Further testing in a laboratory setting and in sufferers is required to raised consider how the proposed therapies work together with the virus’ RNA polymerase, they mentioned.

“Our goal is to help doctors by providing options for possible treatments of COVID-19, and to ultimately contribute in improving the health outcomes of patients suffering from the infectious disease,” Singh mentioned.

“As researchers, we are simply playing our part in the fight against the pandemic,” he mentioned.

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