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Juventus Star Paulo Dybala Recovers From Coronavirus Infection | Football News

Rugani was the primary Italian top-flight footballer recognized with the virus on March 11.

Both he and World Cup winner Matuidi recovered mid-April.

Dybala was recognized on March 22, alongside along with his girlfriend Oriana, who recovered sooner from the illness which has killed almost 30,000 folks in Italy.

Dybala additionally posted an image of himself on Instagram along with his arms outstretched wanting on the sky: “My face says it all, I’m finally cured from Covid-19.”

Italian champions Juventus additionally confirmed that their Argentine star had recovered.

“Dybala performed, as per protocol, a double check with diagnostic tests (swabs) for Coronavirus-Covid 19, which came back with negative results,” Juventus mentioned in a press release.

“The player has, therefore, recovered and will no longer be subjected to the home isolation regime.”

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