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Praised by Musharraf however Unable to Impress Son: This Cong Leader’s Life is an Ode to Walrus Moustache

File photo of Hazarilal Raghuvanshi. (News18)

File picture of Hazarilal Raghuvanshi. (Information18)

Hazarilal Raghuvanshi, a veteran Congress chief and former deputy speaker of Madhya Pradesh died on Thursday on the ripe age of 93.

  • Last Updated: April 10, 2020, 11:20 AM IST

Man who had earned excessive reward for his walrus moustaches from former Pakistan President General (retd) Pervez Musharraf, is not any extra.

Hazarilal Raghuvanshi, a veteran Congress chief and former deputy speaker of Madhya Pradesh died on Thursday on the ripe age of 93.

Raghuvanshi had been a person of many seasons. In 2007, he had visited Islamabad in a group of Indian presiding officers at a conference of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association held in Islamabad between March 25 and 27, 2007.

When the Indian panel members referred to as on President Musharraf, Raghuvanshi had immediately drawn the previous Pakistani military chief’s consideration. Delhi-born Musharraf couldn’t resist asking him, “What are you doing in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly? Why don’t you be a Pak regular?”

The invitation to hitch the Pakistan Army was in jest, however to fellow delegate Ishwardas Rohani [now dead], the Speaker of Madhya Pradesh meeting, the remark stated so much about Raghuvanshi’s moustache. “It was a genuine compliment, I guess,” Rohani, a former BJP chief had commented.

For Raghuvanshi, Musharraf’s remark was the last word praise. “Few accessories,” he would say later, “convey wisdom and mystery better than an impressive moustache.”

Raghuvanshi had taken the chance to ask Musharraf to go to Bhopal. “He readily agreed, saying ‘please send an invitation.”

About his favourite topic — moustaches — Raghuvanshi used to claim he has had to shave his only twice since 1948 when he lost his parents.

“It had to be done in keeping with Hindu rites,” he had explained, pleased that his prize possession has braved custom and scissors to lend gravity to his visage.

Raghuvanshi had a dream — before the hairless hunks take over the world, men will pause and reflect on the timeless elegance of the growth beneath the nose.

In an age where clean-shaven seems to have lopped off to a great extent the machismo of the moustache, the Congress veteran considered himself to be an exception. “Moustache deserves to be celebrated, not scorned,” Raghuvanshi would often say stroking his walrus undergrowth.

Not all agreed with him. The stubble is in but for the trendy, urban male, a hairy bush is no longer a mark of virility.

Droopy or Daliesque, where long, narrow, pointed ends curl upwards; handlebar or toothbrush, walrus or pencil, the heyday of the moustache is over. And there’s no want to separate hairs over a dropping battle, say these in opposition to the mouche limitless.

Family sources say till the age of 80 plus, Raghuvanshi, would nonetheless do 100 sit-ups a day and eats 5 parathas dipped in ghee for breakfast and demand {that a} moustache is a vital a part of one’s persona. Yes, it takes time and some trials to decide on a selected model, however as soon as lastly adopted, there’s no going again.

He had one remorse, although, that’s other than the quick withering assist for whiskers that go on and on. Neither his son nor his grandson sport a moustache.

He had tried each trick within the e-book, together with an extended interval of sullen silence when he averted speaking to them, however with out success. The previous man is lifeless however for him, it’s lengthy stay the mouche.

(ORF Fellow and Journalist Rasheed Kidwai is Author of Neta Abhineta, Bollywood Star Power in Indian Politics. Views expressed are private)

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