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Tamil Serials Want to Resume Shooting, Cinema Industry in No Hurry to Invite ‘Disaster’

The Tamil cinema business is in no hurry to start capturing. Meanwhile, Tamil serials have approached the federal government for permission to renew capturing with a most of 30 folks on a set.

A gaggle of Tamil movie producers met Information and Publicity Minister Kadambur Raju to hunt permission to start out modifying, dubbing, VFX/CGI and background music works with an higher restrict of 5 folks, citing the instance of Kerala authorities’s permission for a similar.

“We’ll work with a maximum of five people and take all necessary precautions, we are expecting a press announcement from the government soon. There are 50 films waiting for post production work to be completed,” mentioned G Dhananjayan, one of many producers who handed over the letter.

Dhananjayan mentioned that the business has over Rs 500 crore funding locked down, together with movies for which solely put up manufacturing is pending. The business, nevertheless, will not be in a haste to renew capturing because it might result in a ‘massive catastrophe’.

“TV serials have asked for permission to shoot with 30 people. Government has allowed factories with 50 people, so they’re asking on that idea and the government may consider that,” mentioned Dhananjayan.

He added, “But a movie cannot be shot with 50 people, we need minimum 80 people. So it’s too big a risk for us to demand that. If we assemble 100 people and shoot, a few people might hide symptoms and come for shoot because everyone needs money. That could lead to a big disaster. We saw what happened in Koyambedu market. We can control things if there are a few people. We as producers are responsible. So we’re waiting for the wave to subside. We don’t want to get into a situation where something goes wrong and we are blamed. Everyone is going to go slow on the shooting, we’re in no hurry. Even the post production work, we have to handle carefully.”

Dhananjayan expects the state of affairs to be dicey until there’s a vaccine for the coronavirus.

“Generally there is going to be fear about shooting, unless we have a vaccine. If that comes, there won’t be any problems for shooting. Till then, people are going to look at each other with fear. Even if someone coughs, he’ll be looked upon differently. It is inevitable. Just because I want to be nice with people, I don’t want to get infected, right? So it won’t be pleasant to begin. That’s why we’d like to keep the shooting as late as possible. We don’t want to be in a hurry and be unproductive. What’s the fun of starting a shoot if people are going to be scared or some of them not coming to the shoot?”

Meanwhile, theatre house owners predict to open up by September 1, and are within the strategy of framing security tips. There have been options that theatres might open up with out canteens, however the house owners are unlikely to be happy as a lot of their income comes from canteen gross sales.

“I expect all theatres to open up latest by September 1,” mentioned Abirami Ramanathan, President of Chennai Theatre Owners Association and the Multiplex Association of Tamil Nadu.

He additional mentioned, “It’s a matter of maximum two months in all zones – green, orange or red. Movies have to release simultaneously in all centres, there’s no question of releasing them only in specific zones. As for safety measures, we’ll have mandatory temperature checks at entrances, disinfectant cakes at urinals. Masks will be made compulsory. We can even provide free masks for those who don’t bring. Cafeteria staff will be wearing gloves and masks, and all staff will be blood tested once a week. We are discussing these and can make these as a common rule for all theatres from the association. Once done, we’ll make an announcement soon.”

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